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    Discrmination is below the sourface

    posted by  Mercury Olympus in Netherlands forum 

    Tom Bakker , your approach is pretty unrealistic i will invite you to go hear what the dutch people say secretely when foreigners are not around about muslims. Dutch people are opened mind to immigration except muslims. This is based on stats concerning the criminal popolation in holland, most of them are muslim from second generation. The Dutch goverment is paying a lot for it. Some neighbourhoods in Amsterdam and Rotterdam are muslim guettos where you can only hear their language and not dutch. Over there you have rates of criminality and vandalizing. Why this particular group after being brought up in holland with all the good education from this country have done so. Can you explain me? Why muslim women are not allow to go out to work everinthing come to one point religium. I have good muslim friend and classmates but i can not understand many rules they have for women. how would you call that "cultural differences". Why woman according to the koran can not undercover themselves. Many dutch people has confesed this to me. With great sadness and insatisfaction. i have told them i can understand too.

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