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    Hi Barbara, as in many countries, we also have a veru multi culti society.And in some cities a problem with f.e. Moroccan youngsters, who are either criminal or discriminating.
    Since we have the PVV [Party For Freedom] which makes an issue of fighting against primarily Islamic immigrants, Dutch society is a bit mixed up.Cause at last 2nd Chamber of parliament -elections he did win a lot of seats, and is now 'tolerating'the new government, he is in a strong position.Hopefully it wont't last long.
    But don't be afraid, always when economy is in bad shape, you see this kind of groups growing.
    It isn't common sense what you read, only a minor group , also as a protest against former governments.
    In common Dutchies are sensible people,living together with al nationalities present.
    You are very welcome in NL, also because it is, next to the UK , the only country in EU where most of the people speak, or at least , understand English.

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