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    Moving to the Netherlands

    posted by  Jess K in Netherlands forum 

    Hi Barbara,

    I am just curious about what you have found in your research regarding the legal ability to move to the Netherlands. I am an American who is married to a Dutchie so I am able to stay here legally. Do you plan on studying here or anything? I am asking because I just don't want you to get your hopes up that it is easy to move here. It's actually almost impossible to come and just immigrate here unless you are married to a Dutch person, have a Dutch partner, come to study, or you get hired by a company based here, whether it be a Dutch company or from another country based here.

    That all said, I can understand what you're saying to some degree. The Netherlands is a nice place to live, and I enjoy it here as (also as a wife and mother). However, this country has a lot of crap just like many other countries around the world. It is not perfect by any means. I know many folks who are quite frustrated with how things have been going here lately, especially with the government. Unfortunately, discrimination is alive and well here also. Generally-speaking, the Netherlands has been known to be very tolerant country of people from other countries/cultures/ways of life. However, many will tell you that this is beginning to change. I think it's good that you're connecting on an expat site such as this so you can get a glimpse from others just how life is here. :)

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