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    Racism and Discrimantion

    posted by  Mercury Olympus in Netherlands forum 

    Indeed there are good muslim in netherlands but the statics shows the otherway around. For instance the biggest population minority in jail in the netherlands are muslims. The rest fo the minorities are not given to such violence as them. There many studios undergoing under this subject. One of the reason points religium and low level of education. On the seventies there was huge muslim immigration into the Netherlands. They came from small villages in marroco or turkish. So they didnt have any experience or work profession. Thus most of them went to the worst jobs in society such as construction and cleaning. In addition they didnt mingle with locals. Moreover they made their own guettos where they could thier language and their own culture. The consequences for this was cero tolerance and understanding from the dutch society meanwhile the other newcomers are welcomed such ans caribbean,polish,turssian,indonissian,etc. Hopefully this will have a good turning point where muslim can understand that women are allow to choose what it is best for them and dutch people accept that muslim are not longer a threat for the.

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