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    Problem is that Wilders and PVV get to much attention, and VVD is the cart behind the the PVV dogs [ I like my own comparison,lol] Don't forget Wilders is an Israel addept, and gets a lot of back up from there.So he has a hidden agenda.I think I already mentioned, in Hoofddorp we live together, peaceful together. there always are scumbags youngsters, Dutch and other bloodlines. i have friends of all nationalities.problem is;
    anti-'foreigners' shout it out, and the 'normal'citizens don't fight it often enough.
    Yes we have places where some 2nd or 3rd generation new-Dutch cause problems.Most of the time because police is to soft or under-staffed.Or nothing to do for the youth after school, or outlaboured.
    It has been proven, that 'coloured'Dutch are often passed if they apply for a job.THAT should be punished hard.

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