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    I think you have bad experiences, but in general,and also depending where you live, I totally disagree with your remarks. Medical care in NL is , compared to f.e.UK is very good.
    Economically NL is top of Europe, also in Science and Universities.
    Multicultural is something you have to be proud of ( Advertisements in tram Amsterdam). You can have a example of USA London, Germany etc...==haha, I dont'know where your info comes from, but Germany and UK [especially Greater London] has a huge problem with racism and overcrowded quarters with only foreigners.German people are historically not fond of foreigners, perhaps you should dig into history books??
    Why did you come to NL, and what holds you back to move to one of the perfect countries you mention?

    Discrimination is often a personal feeling; if you ,from your point of view are excluded from social contact with Dutch, perhaps you should open up, and discuss it with Dutch. If you have a prejudice opinion, you will never fit in anywhere.

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