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    Could you explain , if you want by email. what the problem is about the insurance, Pregnancy, birth,midwife and check ups are in every basic healthinsurance package, without payment xtra.Only the after birth mother/baby homecare you have to pay a supplementary fee.
    Of COURSE I disagree with you, our scientists are invited to give lectures at all famous Universities all over the world, we have Astronauts, our pride is the spacetravel of Andre Kuipers , our second astronaut on his 2nd flight.Dutch archtects make the drawings for the new Beijing Airport and more enormous project is China and HK.Dutch heavy duty transport and towing is world famous, f.e. with the Oil disaster in the USA, the call Mammut for help.So see the bright side of NL.Our flowers, plants , cheese , beer,and vegetables go all over the world.Cheers.
    Have a nice weekend, greetings , Ton

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