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    As a Dutch you must realize some facts "antilles" are dutch citizens because they are coming from Dutch islands. They are 70% of the workers in port of Rotterdam. So they are entitled by law to get all the benefits from social health care meanwhile the Muslim are by they own. You shall look on to data about criminality which minority groups are given to violence. You must remember what had happened in the past with some Dutch politicians killed by Muslims. That's why Dutch people do not like Muslim. Perhaps you are the exception from the majority. A few days ago i saw how they treat marocons women in a school. The Dutch professors told them they wore a towel in her head. Concerning marriages between Dutch and Muslim are really low percentage among the rest of the minorities. You can help me also to find how many member of dutch football team are coming from muslin fathers. This is enormous problem to solve. Dutch society must help and treat mulism as citizens. Currently they want to increase regulations for immigrants in the Netherlands. The PVV, VVD and CDA are working harder to make immigrants laws more difficult and complicated for them. Reality is quite different from ideal of society. Dutch people do minds when you are muslim. Otherwise you can see t.v how pvv and vvd members talks about muslim. You can vote so you can make the difference

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