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    As far as the military goes and how they treat their men, yes I'm sure if we gathered enough we have a snowballs chance in hell. The contracts they write up have made it very difficult to get any kind of retribution. The next thing I wanted to address is the terrorism fears that I hold. I do live in a very small area that most do not fear, but as I've said before I'm globally minded. Even if its not my town, I would be very troubled. We do live very close to a nuclear power plant that we've been told could very well become a target. Its not just the Islamic terrorists I fear. There is a time of great turmoil coming, and I do think the U.S. may be the catalyst of it all. I did not leave any country off our list with any particular reason, and didn't add any in particular either. We started with a list of about 10, and after reviewing our basic goals and needs crossed a few off. There are plenty more we'd probably look into. We are still in the very early stages of planning. The California/Moscow comment was not meant to mean those actual places. Growing up here in the U.S. every teen hopes to one day see California, its been idolized to be the haven for free minded, and happy people, the same way Moscow has been idolized in Russian Lit. Its just always been a "personal mecca". I do not claim any particular religion. I do believe in a higher power that created and guides us. I feel as though I am just a lowly person who will never be able to find gods truth, so wont make commitments to any church. I pull major theologies from different religions. I have a lot of respect for the Hindu and Jewish communities. I do believe in same beliefs held by "Christians" and even yes understand and appreciate the Islamic religion. So not it doesn't have to do with any religious reasons. I am a history buff, and when we discussed the Holocaust and WW2 I became fascinated by the people in the regions nearby. I studied up on the cultures and society's of those people. That's how I first became familiar with the Netherlands. As a side note, I am a mixed mutt American, my bloodlines are indecipherable, mostly Finnish and Scandinavian from the family's oral history, my husbands fathers family is very much Italian but hes the 4th generation I do believe. Italy was taken from our list though because of the steadfast gender stereotypes. I am a modern woman who works, and my husband takes care of our son. He cooks and cleans, and fixes the vehicle and the house, but I also will. From what I've read and seen, most Italian families would not understand or readily accept it.

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