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    Barbara, since you have US Citizenship, and NL and USA have a friendshipagreement, you can come here for 3 months,wihout visa and apply for Staying permit without MVV, if you f.e. make an investment of 3000Euro for a pivate business.
    You are very welcome, many Ynks, Aussies a,Canadians and LImeys came before you.
    I think the special bond with USA is also because of the many Dutch Immigrants, the historical ties, heck New York was ours,lol.
    Advantage is also that in NL we don't have all movies in original language , so most English, children get English lessons from Group 5 [ 9 yrs old], because you'll need English for many subjects.And on Internet most is English.So we're adjusted to recieve English speaking people.
    Your fear of anaother attack on the USA I don't share, such a big country has so many targets, why should it be in ur neighbourhood.And I think there are more targets than the USA, and the Alquaida-bunch must understand by now , that a second attack wil mean heavy repercussions.
    But , yes , NL is saver...Only if the dikes collaps we have a problem.....

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