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    yes, there were 2 times blijf huis outplacing.Once by police car , another time by friends, and the recognition as a victim of huislijke geweld. Ofcourse the man immediatelly asked to send her away without a child calling all this story a lie. BUT!!!! he is still capable to go on...and the child is by him, as he stayed in the house

    so for the society it is good to leave the child with the man who beats women!!!Nonsense

    and this could be all a lie, but Police was again in the house, as new gf of this man asked for protection. He is not divorced yet, and already keeps beating again...This I can not understand! Thats a full nonsense case, against the sense of logic and our believes in democracy and law enforcement. I can not say they re all corrupt and thats the reason, so I can only make a guess that is discrimination, thats why he beats women and always stys free to beat the next one

    I dont think that all women can be warned ahead. Why police doesnt warn people, why dont they have a list of men who beat women again and again, like serial abusers...it is not fair not to warn !!!

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