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    Since you still come with old info[ 2004-2007]Ans the soros-link still is a white page.
    Now we have around 1 million muslims in NL , so what, is 5.5% of the total population. What;s your point?
    That you don't like muslims, or from hearsay problems, you cannot say all of Dutch popultion has problems with Moroccan or other groups.
    You are not debating, since you don't accept the honest opinion of an autochtone Dutch. And I think your are offensive, because you think Dutch are prejustice.We are not, only a small , very loud and looking for publicity group is.
    If 1 million people are against muslim, in what way, it still is a minority amongst 16 million Dutchies.
    This was my last reply, since you don't want to listen to arguments.

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