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    Polical refugee or not, it is no excuse for criminalty.We had a muslim State Secretary,Muslim mayor in Rotterdam,Muslim attorneys and lawyers.
    You CLAIM you know about subsurface discrimination, because you heard from SOME muslim friends.Where do they live.

    Since when are you in Holland, and why don't you speak Dutch on a Dutch forum.I don't see any postings of you in Dutch.

    Discrimination is against Dutch National Law,but it works of course 2 way.
    If religion has some rules, people can choose to obbey those rules or not. You can make efforts to give women with a religion,to participate more in society, but you can't force them.[except fe with particpating in the Intergration Course, because they are obliged to by law]
    .That is freedom of religion, wether you like it or not.How can anyone proof a marriage is arranged.
    It is very simple to make comments on Holland, but since you are part of the community, feel free to go to a muslim family, and talk to them, about what you think.

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