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    1) you talk about 2004.2005, is 5 yrs ago
    2) the link you send is a blanco page
    3)you refer to polls amongs a small group of people;
    quote; In May 2006, a poll by Motivaction / GPD (1,200 Dutch adults +/- 3%) found that 63% of Dutch citizens felt that Islam is incompatible with modern European life. A poll of June 2004 found that 68% felt threatened by "immigrant or Muslim young people", 53% feared a terrorist attack by Muslims in the Netherlands, and 47% feared that at some point, they would have to live according to Islamic rules in the Netherlands.]You cannot call that a representative group.

    But since you are convinced to know better what is living amongst Dutch, and I as a Dutchman doesn't , I don't think going on with this discussion is relevant.
    Your reality is totally different from my and Dutch reality.
    Good luck, and feel free to look for a better country, if you don't like it here, and don't like Dutch athmosphere.
    Greetings, Ton

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