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    As a Cuban you can tell, that the major problem is that a lot of people in NL don't look further than the outside,Wilders, the leader of the PVV has a Jewish Hungarian wife,
    and he lived for a year in a Kibbutz in Israel.His funds come from Jewish bankers and orgnisations in f.e. USA. Why do you think he went to NY to protest against the mosque in NY , near Ground Zero.He was invited there.
    It is so easy to pick a group and make them subject of discrimination.So with his background he picked Muslim.The problems with Moroccan youth, and Antillians is mainly concentrated in the cities, not the inland.Some people need a group, to make subject of their fustrations.
    I have a Turkish'brother',for 40 yrs,I grew up with Turkish people coming at my mothers house, she teached them Dutch and helped them. A [Dutch] girlfriend of mine and her[Algerian] husband are muslim. So what, they are human beeings, believe is of no importance. I have many friends from all kind of countries, I lived for 2 weeks amongst Beduin in the Sinai.Great time.I don't judge people on colour or believe, I love to go to my China family-in-law.China is a lovely country , with great people. I don't agree with the Chinese politics, but that is not an issue amongst the common Chinese, they 're used to it, and don't bother the government.
    So I think I'm a globalist.
    And a majority of the Dutch see the problems with some minorities, but you'll find that in any country, anywhere on the world.

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