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    As I pointed out, or tried to, problems with criminality is FOCUSSED on Moroccan youngsters, and if you want to believe some newspapers, it is a national problem.It's not, in most parts of NL.Yes in the bigger cities, it is a problem, because also of the concentration of nationalities.Which form groups, and those groups could turn to criminal behaviour.
    I never have seen or read about special problems with Moroccan [or other nationality],youngsters in our city, not more than with Dutch youngsters.

    About the muslim girl and wives, yes that is a integration problem, and a matter of traditional living , and practicing the believe. But there are also many Muslims , that are westernised.
    Perhaps the people you speak to, are from the regions with problems, or only know what they read in a newspaper, or on tv.
    It doesn't bother me if the caissiere in the supermarket is wearing a shawl on her hair, it is her choise. I also know Dutch women who choose to be muslim, so what.
    You make the problem bigger than it is, and I live in NL for 57 years....
    I have friends of different believes and nationalities, from muslim to buddist, from Moroccan, Turkish,Nigerian, Chinese,European .
    Perhaps you should look around better, all around NL.
    Or across the border.

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