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    @Hades; means underworld.Good name!You know in the USA there are many problems with Cubans,mainly in the south,and Mexicans.Can you say than it is a national problem
    If I tell everybody that people of one group are garbish, and criminals, it could spread.Because many people dont look further and investigate the truth of a story.
    Example; A dutch boy was killed by a Dutch 'friend'' with a knife. 42 times he was stuck.
    For a resaon of no importance; they were playing an occult game, called moving glasses. And the "friend"was afraid the killed boy would tell it in the village, a very Christian village.And the last year we had some very tragic stories of mothers who killed her justborn babies and either kept the bodies op the attic of her house or burried them in the garden.
    1) are Dutch Christian boys killers?
    2) are Dutch mothers babykillers?

    I HOPE you'll experience that Dutch are still very open to foreigners, no matter the country, the colour or the believe.With respect for their way of live, even if we don't agree with their customs.
    Holland always was , and IS a country that welcomes foreigners, already ages ago, f.e. since the battle between French protestants and katholics, 400 yr ago, many protestants came to NL, the Huguenotes.

    I hope you all believe a born , autochtone Dutchy, when I say that , despite the ethnic or youthproblems, Holland is a meltingpot of cultures, and we are happy with it.And with that I want to close this never ending argument.

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