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    discrimination - Alice in the wonderland according to Tom Bakker

    posted by  Mercury Olympus in Netherlands forum 

    First of all Mr Tom. Before you might talk about cubans you shall learn a little bit history of Cuba. If that the case you haven learnt right. Cuban are U.S Politcal refugees. As a matter of fact They are entitled to residence permit for good as soon as foot U.S. Concerning Cuban criminality you unrealistic approach is quite far from reality. Cubans in U.S are the first minority who has more senators and CEO than the rest of minorities in U.S. Perhaps you are living in fairly tale world. I really advise to learn more about Cubans in U.S.A. Criminality is in every minority the difference lies whether the all minority goes forward or they are trap in their religion.

    Dutch people do mind when you are Muslim .Many Muslim friends had had problems whenever they had told someone in holland , i am muslim, i believe in the koran. The discrimination inn holland is bellow the sourface. it is not obvious like some other countries. Just think on this how in liberal country as holland you will tollerate discrimantion against women, how would you allow arrange marriages in holland as koran says, how would you allow that women shall be destined to home. Thats why dutch people says ok, we accept but far away from us.

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