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    Jess , if you would take time to read the first alinea, you would have read the possibillity to apply for a staying permit in NL as a selfemployed, and the conditions for it..

    The 90 days period in 6 months,can be passed by with a technical move , called double entrance. , what in short means, you leave Schengen area within the 3 months for a few days,[1] come back, and after 2 weeks you do it again.[2] after the 2nd time, your 3 months start counting again from zero.Because the rule is that the period of staying starts from the first entrance before the last ...It is only valid for people who don't need visa to visit EC.F.e. stay 65 days- leave 4- stay 10 days, leave 4 days.so you stayed 65plus 20=85, but starts counting again at day 1 after the first return,so you have 90 -10-4 days left.

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