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    Hi Barbara, as USA citizen you of course can come to NL without a visa, for 3 months , to look around.
    Can you come here through a student exchange program, since Dutch also go to f.e. USA to study.
    Coming as a special skills migrant is depending of the salary, below 30 around 35000 Euro per year.Your partner can come with you.
    And it depends what your education and skills are.
    You can find more info at the site of US citizen in NL,US Embassy or at the IND.nl site.

    I don't even reply anymore to that Cuban, since he is prejudice against Dutch people.Don't know why he stays here, if he thinks Dutch are racist and anti muslim.
    A small, rightwing group makes a lot of noise,and there will be a rightwing demonstration, no body bothers about it, we have ,like in USA , freedom of speech.

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