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    Yes I am still reading and keeping an eye on the many different opinions. There are so many reasons why we'd like to leave the U.S. First and foremost the ignorance and intolerance here is too much. I may be a white american but I want my son to grow up with a global community mindset, people come in every size shape color and everyone is different and thats what needs to unite us. My husband and I were mistreated and humilated by the U.S. army after my husband served for 4 years, including serving in the Iraq war. We fear for our safety, knowing that most countries, and political groups are not fond of the U.S. idea that it is a global police unit. We culturally are just so very different than the people we are surrounded by. We are still considering a few other countries, but the Netherlands is my first choice. I've read so much about how advanced the country is as far as economy, education, crime prevention and punishment, and many other things. Our biggest goal is to find a place we feel our son can call home and truly believe and stand behind.

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