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    I know this story, It is about mensen in Friesland, looks like a corruption case For me Friesland always was a strange place . They dont like foregners there, but what they do to foreign women there is unbelivale. This should change

    in internet there are lots of warnings for women who date men in dating sites about this story, as it is now new woman was abused by the same man in Drachten. The same man brings foreign women from dating sited , ilosates them and abuses. As I see it is obvious discrimination of russian and east european women. Admin of the petition.org site is looking for these women to collect information and support petition to the Ministry of Justice. Police is informed. It looks like a eastern vrouw handle case. But the attitude of authorities shows obvious disrimination.

    quote from the american site http://www.asktheloveforum.com/relationship-forum/showthread
    .php?t=9214 : THIS IS A WARNING to all those who may have been in contact with the man of Drachten, Netherlands. Having assualted his last 4 female partners having met them on dating sites, I feel all must be warned.

    This petition is for all to read and needs your support.


    I do believe women in Frisland should stand against home abuse

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