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Dutch passport qualification

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My husbands mother was born in Netherlands. She came to SA with her parents when she was 9 years old. She took on SA nationality at age 23 in May 1970. At this time she automatically lost her Dutch nationality. On the website rules it says that Dutch citizenship should not be automatically lost for a person naturalising to a country in which they have lived for more than 5 years consecutively as a minor. Does this not apply to his mother? If yes. then what I want to find out is, should she have had the 10 year's grace period starting either from naturilsation date or age of majority (21) applied to her situation (even though we cannot go back in time to do so of course), and my husband being born within those 10 years - was he born to a Dutch mother?

The rules and laws are so complicated and have changed so often, I'm totally confused. Is it even worth applying for the passport (non-refundable application).

Please can someone shed some light on his situation?!

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