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How to obtain Dutch Partnership Visa

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Hi I am an Aupair in Amsterdam and I met my dutch boyfriend I stay in holland for 1yr and can understand some dutch word but not that good in speaking dutch Im now in a learning process to speak dutch, Now me and my bf are more than One year together , After my 1yr contract as aupair to Amsterdam I moved to Belgium as an aupair ,But now my dutch boyfriend want me to stay with him and apply for a partnership visa, But we are so worried because he moved to another work last January2016 and doesnt have a contract but he is working for a long time in an agency it just that he have to moved to diff company ,He is staying in a Single apartment, and we really want to process the partnership visa Is that possible to apply now even he doesnt have contract but he got his place, But Ive heard many stories from other Aupair like Her bf dont have a contract but their partnership was approved, also this stories that a Disabled man who doesnt have a work and only get a support from govt apply for a partnership visa for his Gf and got approved within 20days. Is that even possible ?? I mean we re so stressed for all the papeeworks and worried now If I will get approved to stay in Holland since Im now legally staying in Belgium not really far from holland I am also aware that I need to take the national civic exam in NL!?
. We need some advice on what to do first so we will get approved by the IND and is there a chance of getting approved if he didnt get a contract as of now and he only lives in a shared apartment but we re looking for a new place so we can stay there .. Anyone we need some good advice and Help. Thank you in advance for your feedback.

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