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Looking for a job in The Netherlands

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Hi everyone,

My name is Selim, 31 years old, from Turkey. Currently looking for a job in The Netherlands. I've worked in a Maritime & Shipping Agency for 4.5 years as a Disbursement Account Clerk. I've also worked as an Entertainer in five star hotels in tourism for 6 years. Looking for a job in either Maritime & Shipping Agencies or in Entertainment sector. I'm open for new types of jobs as well, as I am a quick learner and enjoy learning new stuff and having different types of experience. I can speak English, Dutch(Average) and Turkish as my native language.

Thanks in advance for anyone's advice or offer who would like to help.

  • Selim Sakman

    Looking for a job in The Netherlands

    posted by  Selim Sakman in Netherlands forum 

    Hey Eva. Thank you very much for your advice. Sorry I was a bit late to reply :)

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    Hi Selim!

    Maybe you could take a look at the Just Landed Jobs portal:
    You can look for jobs in different categories and different types (like full-time, part-time).
    You can also select jobs by industry, which might be helpful for you.

    I hope you will find what you are looking for!

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