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MVV test civic interogation examination abroad inburgeringcursus!

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Hi all !

i would like tips for those people who already passed mvv exam ! tips, clues, experience, anything thank you

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  • karolina Bernal

    Hey Antonio

    posted by  karolina Bernal in Netherlands forum

    check this one is very useful

  • Shiv Shankar

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    Please check your inbox.

  • karolina Bernal

    Advice Exam Mvvdutch

    posted by  karolina Bernal in Netherlands forum 

    Hallo everyone,

    I took the exam in Dec 2016, and got the results after one month i failed the speaking part does anyone has an advice where to practice those kind of that questions. Basic A1 Any tips???

    The questions about dutch culture is very easy you need to learn those memorising and also the reading is like common sence but you need to have basic knowladge of the lenguage..
    The new format of the exam is divided only 3 parts there not antonymous -synonyms. The speaking you need to complete a sentence with 1 word and answer simple questions, pronuntiation is very important.

  • Shiv Shankar

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    Hello Shuen Li,

    Hope you are preparing well for your test. I have been preparing since mid Jan 2016. I'm not nervous yet and not confident either. Just focusing on preparing well and understand the grammar and pronunciation of the words. KNS seems to be easiest according to me.

    I can't wait to complete this exam, get my MVV visa and go meet my wife in NL. The long distance relationship is very tough...


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    Hi Everyone ,
    I took exam at 11 Nov 2015 and still haven't received my results.
    Is it usually normal ?

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    Hi Everyone ,

    I saw a lot of comments that we should learn 800+ sentences - was that in the old version on the test ?
    do we still need to learn it ?
    what about the Opposites- in the new version of the test I didn't see that there are questions about opposites - am I right ?
    I am learning from the NarrNederland book right now.
    there are a loooot of hard and new words to learn , I don't know how I will finish studying it till the end of the year !!!

  • Kristy Bernardine

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    Dayang, I am so sorry to hear that you didn't pass the Dutch oral exam. Just curious.. how did you prepare for the exam? Was there someone to correct your pronunciation online / Skype? Or were you only using the Inburgeringsexamen pakket?
    Knowing the method which you used to practice speaking Dutch can give a better insight as to where (you might need to concentrate / focus on) what went differently than what you had expected. The speaking exam was supposedly one of the easiest to pass unless they had made it much more difficult since I sat for it in 2012.
    PM me if you need some extra tips, I just sat for my Inburgerings examen Nederland in The Netherlands ( been in NL for 3yrs almost)
    kind regards, Kris

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    Hi , i have seated the exam , 8/6/2015 at kingdom of the netherlands embassy , in malaysia
    I have not passed with Spreken test !
    But i pass the others ! I guess i have to repeat it and pay again ;(
    I dont know its not that easy ,
    Somebody give me for tips? I believe it is easy but still i dont pass i dont know what went wrong ?
    Please help who have pass the exam , waiting is torturing it is 3 weeks, guess i cant wIt no more to hear another fail test please help

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    Hi all...on January 28th my boyfriend applied for my MVV... IND said up to 90 days of waiting but usually they give response in 6-8 weeks. How long have you been waiting? And how IND inform you about response, via email or letter? What is next step after positive response?

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