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South African Family emigrating to Netherlands, Rotterdam

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Hello World,

My family and i are considering emigrating to the Netherlands (Rotterdam). There may be a job opp soon and really just waiting on the offer.

Kids are 4 & 2, wife currently does not work.

- Does anyone know a fairly good salary range to support a family of 4?

- I know housing is really expensive. We thinking areas like Zwijndrecht and Barendrecht, what's the average rental for a 3 bed home? (not really a flat and would like a garden even if it's small for the kids)

- Eating out at restaurants i bet is expensive but what would a typical grocery list (food basics) cost per week?

- Are there any Bi-Lingual schools for our kids? I worry a lot that they would be on the back foot if it is purely a Dutch speaking school?

- Is there any South African groups or forums you could recommend to join? Meeting fellow South Africans in Rotterdam would be fantastic.

Any other sound advice would be greatly appreciated!!

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    posted by  Jerome Voller in Netherlands forum 

    Hello Darren
    I too am considering moving to the Netherlands. I am at present looking out for job opportunities either in Amsterdam or Eindhoven. I have a daughter living in Germany and would love to be close to her and her husband.
    My wife and I leave on holiday in May and we will be landing in Amsterdam on the 24th May 2017, en route to Berlin.

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