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    If you move , as a Dutchy, to Belgium[ or any other EC memberstate] , for at least 3 months, you are an EC CITIZEN.
    [ If you stay in NL , you are not an EC Citizen, because you didn't effectuate your EC right of free movement.]
    And have the right to be united with your partner, with whom you have a steady relationship for at least one year ,and have visited eachother for at least 45 days in that yr, or whom is your registered partner or spouse.You will have to sign Lawfull Cohabitation[ Wettelijke samenwoonst, ] compatible with our Dutch Registered Partnership.
    The famous Belgian Route.
    Must say that Gemany is less bureaucratic, but there you must be married.
    For U2 there is no problem, since he doesn't need a visa, you can move to Belgium togetherfrom day 1.
    I know an appartment in Geel , that's free in July.[ or earlier, after April 1]
    and one in Antwerp, free now.

    If Jamie comes to NL and wants to stay longer than 3 months, he needs to apply for an MVV, that will cost 830 euro.AND after APPROVAL A VVT FOR 1 YR , 441 EURO, after 1 yr another 441[or more at that point probably.].After 5 yrs again PAYDAY.

    As a EC citizen once 41 euro after coming back to NL and do the' EU -toetsing....'[check according to EC Directive]
    And you have the Belgian experience....

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