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    Hi Nik, my name is Karla, I'm mexican-american and my situation is like yours, kind of.
    Right now i'm in Holland and it wasn't that hard to get the residency permit because my husband is Dutch citizen, so if your boyfriend is Dutch it won't be that hard (well that's what I think). But if he is American and he has a working or student visa, then I don't know what is the procedure for you.

    But this is my story:
    First I got to Holland as tourist and I had to go to the City Hall or Gemeente (dutch) in the city which I'm right now, to notify that I was gonna stay more than 3 months in NL. You need to give an adress and the name of with who are you staying (in your case your boyfriend's adress).

    Then you need to apply for a residency permit in IND which is the Immigration Department. But your boyfriend has to be your "sponsor", he must show proof of income and also he needs a job contract for 1 year or more.
    Also you gonna need a birth certificate with an apostille, you get that in USA.
    And you will need passport photos, I think 2. (you can do it in Holland).

    You have to follow several steps but your boyfriend can call to the Gemeente or IND to ask about with what to start first.

    Then you get the appointment to go to the IND to show the papers, if everything seems to be in order and ok, IND will give you a 6 month permit until you get your real residency card permit, and you will have the permission to work :). (it takes about 2 months to get the card then you need no longer the 6 months permit).

    But!! it's really hard to get a job, because you really need to speak dutch (nederlands) and it's so difficult (for me it is! hehe), but everything it's cool.
    Our plans is to go back to America by next summer :).

    I hope my information helps you a little bit.

    And this is the official website of the IND, check it out you will find more accurate info!

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