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Visiting the Netherlands - what should I see?

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Hi there! I plan to visit the Netherlands and am still debating of where I should go. Amsterdam is a must of course, but besides that? Any recommendations? I have 4-5 days so could visit 2 or 3 places.

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    Hi Verena,

    I hope you had a great time in The Netherlands. This post might be useless to you, but, l I'd like to answer your question for other people that don't know what they should do either.

    My recommendations are:

    1) Amsterdam of course.
    Amsterdam is a beautiful city and there's tons to do. You could visit one of the museums, I highly recommend the Rijksmuseum (the Dutch national museum) and the Anne Frank house. If you're more in a party mood than you should definitely visit Jimmy Woo and one of the coffee shops(even if you don't smoke weed) .

    2)Maastricht .
    Maastricht is a must see. The historical city centre is great for shopping. After you renewed your entire wardrobe you can relax and have a beer or coffee at one of the cafes on Vrijthof, if you're hungry please try a kroket, they're delicious. Maastricht is home to the greatest restaurants in The Netherlands.

    Tip: If you want to explore The Netherlands than you should definitely rent a car. Public transportation is extremely expensive in Holland. A day pass will cost you €45,- per person. Renting a car for 5 days will cost you about €200,- for a normal car(example: Volkswagen Golf)

    In the summer Zandvoort is a great place to hang at the beach. Please check the weather forecast before you go, the weather in The Netherlands is very unpredictable, before you know it you're lying in a rain storm.

    4) Gouda.
    Gouda is one of the few cities in The Netherlands that still has a cheese market. Please ask your hotel for more information.

    5) The Hague.
    Amsterdam may be the capital, but The Hague is where the government sits. You could visit the work palace of the queen, go to family friendly Madurodam, a fascinating 1/25 miniature display of a fictitious Dutch city.

    6) Rotterdam.
    Rotterdam is the most modern city in The Netherlands. If you love shopping you should definitely visit this amazing cosmopolitan city. One of the biggest harbors in the world is located in Rotterdam.

    I hope you'll all have a great stay in this beautiful country!

    Kind Regards,

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    Hi, I hope you have been to Maastricht! That's where I'm from and without being biased, it's the most beautiful city of The Netherlands.

    Take Care,Liselotte

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    Even try Maastricht, it´s a very nice city. If you like to go to the beach check out the peninsula middleland, it has really nice places.

  • Hans Lindenbergh

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    Hi Verona,

    Amsterdam is a must. I live all my live allmost next to it, partly in it. Would recommand 2 days to see it. One for the musea, the other for the old town (grachtengordel). If you like music, Paradiso and The Melkweg are a must. Den Haag is a verry nice, but simular town. Rotterdam is rebuilded after W.W. II, so it's verry modern. If you like modern towns and the impressing harbour, Rotterdam is on your list. But we also have funny small villages, like Giethoorn in the north east. Or the "wadden eilanden" in the north.
    To see how we had our fight against the water, at the so called Delta Werken can also be interesting. All depends on your interests.
    Have a nice time here!

  • Verena Mazlow

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    I will have a second look at this, some people told me Rotterdam is pretty ugly though...

  • Steve Holt

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    Hi Verena,
    I moved to Amsterdam a couple of months ago. I agree it is a must-see. But once you are here and you have the time I would really recommend Rotterdam. It is not a hectic and noisy as Amsterdam and to me it felt more "Dutch". If you now what I mean. Not to mention Rotterdam's bunch of nice museums! If there is still time on your trip go to The Hague. Its architecture is great, it has access to the beach and of course all the international courts.
    The Netherlands are not exactly a very big country so you might just rent a car (or go on a train) and do round-trip in a couple of days!

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