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Friends in Den Bosch!

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Hi all, I have recently moved to Den Bosch from England and am finding it a bit lonely. Anyone out there who would like to also make friends and explore the vast amount of cafe's and bars here?

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    Im in Den Bosch since 4 months, and Im dying without people;] So I would love to meet up! Are you girls still in Den Bosch?

    Anna :)

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    Hey Katie

    I think we messaged each other a while ago before you moved. I'm a Londoner living in Den Bosch with my Anglophile Dutch partner. We'd love to meet up for a drink and having been here 9 months we can certainly show you around the vast array of restaurants and bars! If you message me back we can exchange mobile no's.


    Leona :)

  • Daniel Alonso

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    I just arrived from Spain near your area. I'm working here in an engineering company and I would like to make friends and other ex-pats. Tell me something about yourself.



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