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I'm Fiona, Im from Ireland and Ive recently moved to Eindhoven with my boyfriend.
I was just wanting to find out a bit more about the city, where to go etc.

Also, how much of a disadvantage would it be not speaking Dutch, for jobs, socialising etc...I plan on learning the basics and hope that by immersing myself in the language here will help.

Thanks in advance ! :-)

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    i am Mint,nice to meet all new friends here. i come from Thailand, now living in eindhoven and i think its nice city. i waitting to go to school to learn dutch and maybe looking some job its seem not easy since i can not speak dutch. anyway i love this city and like to make friends

    best regards


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    Hi Craig

    I'm a writer/editor/translator.
    The Genneper Park farm - I checked and they don't currently have any opening - (hope for the future though!). There are a lot of restaurants that you could apply with, though. That sort of work wouldn't be a problem.

    There are some agencies that take on people as drivers and warehouse work in town. They are like Creyf's and Adecco and that sort of Manpower thing. They'd be best to check out in early July when you're here.

    Get "linkedin", too - I have received some offers for jobs via LinkedIn - mind you to travel to Amsterdam and Venlo and all over. I've done that here and there, but don't love doing that.

    If I hear any openings, I'll let you know, Craig. All the very best!


  • Craig Williams

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    hey jane, i am looking for any job really. long term i hope to work with animals again or landscape gardening, or painting and decorating or in construction and building. but for now i will take anything. I am creative and hard working. I am planning to learn dutch to make life easier also. BUt i have had many jobs. driving jobs and retail and bar work in the past. so what exactly do you do ? i have joined hub for expats holland and also speaking to many people who are my gfs friends.
    I understand that maybe there isnt the greatest volume of non dutch jobs in the area so i am willing to live or travel away from eindhoven area if thats needed. i have done lots of website searching and recently found the expathollandguide website which is very helpful with everything i need to know about moving there.
    You mentioned the organic farm in eindhoven in your other message. do you think i could get temporary work there? i will google that now to see what i can find.
    Thanks for your advice.


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    Hi Craig

    Great to hear you're going to give life in Ehv a go! What sort of job are you looking for? Do you speak any other languages than English? I might have a few tips for you as I've had a couple of jobs since I've lived here (5 years now), and currently I'm freelancing which is going well - mainly because of the network I built up for myself. My network has been built on volunteer work, which is great if you want to expand your Dutch contacts (which you can start building via your girlfriend, but you may want to find your own friends too!) You do need to be patient, though - there are jobs to be found, depending on what you're after, but remember - there isn't the volume of non-Dutch jobs/companies in this part of the country, well, not compared to places like Amsterdam. Also, are you prepared to travel within NL, for your work?
    Maybe your worry will be alleviated if you give yourself say x number of weeks before you should start really worrying. And then treat your job search like a job; get up every day and do something to further your hunt.
    You could try Undutchables, but they often want you to speak a second language after English. I taught English for about a year at Regina Coeli, in Vught (not far from Ehv) - you need a degree to be able to teach there (any degree). And of course there is ASML, Philips and lots of places on the High Tech Campus. All those places you can find the links if you just google them!
    Good luck!

  • Craig Williams

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    Hello, I was wondering how you were getting on in eindhoven? Did you find work and did you settle ok? Is your boyfriend dutch? Because i have a dutch girlfriend there which is why i am moving there. I am struggling where to look for work. Do you have any ideas or know of any jobs? :)
    Would appreciate any help. i visit every month and i come next on 3rd july for two weeks then move there on 18th august.

    Hope its all going well for you there.


  • Craig Williams

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    Hello to all, I also move to Eindhoven very soon in august 2011. I am from wales, britain. I am struggling to find websites where i can look for jobs in the eindhoven area for english speakers. Could somebody please help me as i am getting worried now that i may not find something. I know of course it will be easier to find work when i actually live there, but i visit there on 3rd july for 2 weeks so i was planning on searching then for jobs. What kind of jobs do you think i can do? Is there job centres in Holland like in britain?

    I would welcome any help or advice.

    Many thanks,


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    Hi Fiona
    I hope you've settled in really well in Eindhoven, and hope you're still here and that this response is still relevant! A couple of good tips for you are: and
    Both are English language sites; one is more of a "things to do" the other gives you a better idea of what life is like in Eindhoven with reviews and interviews.
    Regarding the language question, socialising and some jobs are definitely to be had without Dutch, but you definitely gain more by learning. I have lived here for four years but I was speaking quite a lot in my first year ... it does depend on whether and where you're working, too. Do you have work? I have some other tips (maybe!) for you. Just let me know.
    Jane, The Dossier

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    Hi Fiona

    I'm Alison and I will be shortly moving to Eindhoven with my husband.Do you have any tips or info you can give me about the looking for work etc? Also have you found it easy to make friends? Maybe we could meet up sometime!



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    I'm Roger.

    Eindhoven isn't a really a big city, 214.036 inhabitants.
    But is is a modern city with shoppingmalls, that's what a woman needs ! Haha.
    It is hard to learn Dutch but the most people in Holland speak English.
    I don't know a lot about jobs, i'm just 15 I hope you can understand.

    You can find here a lot of things about Eindhoven:

    Greetz Roger!

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