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Leiden or Haarlem - what is your favorite?

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Hi all,

I will be soon moving to the Netherlands and I am hesitating between two cities - Leiden and Haarlem. I've never been to either of the cities yet, so it is hard for me to say, but I heard Leiden is more commercial and industrial whereas Haarlem is more quiet town. Which one you like more for living? And why?

Thank you very much for your advices!

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  • Lucia Mestre

    posted by  in Haarlem forum 

    Off course haarlem
    Is really more beutifull and is close to Amsterdam
    And i live here ;)
    Is you decide here contact me maybe we can go take some coffie or go to the gym together ;)

  • Daniel Krug

    posted by  in Haarlem forum 

    Hi there,

    Que tal?

    I am from Haarlem and live there and I can tell you its so much beter then Amsterdam ( i studied there) About the commercial part, its very close to Amsterdam.

    Oh why HAarlem, nice people, clean, near the beach :)

    Well if you want to know more, let me know


  • posted by  in Haarlem forum 

    i live in haarlem, since 2 years and must say its a pretty nice athmosphere here.
    I myself dont want to stay here forever, but haarlem is really beautiful and the people here are very cool, way more relaxed then Amsterdam.
    And u are very close to the see.

    Haarlem has very, very good shopping opportunities, it is even called Netherlands best shopping city( besides Maastricht)

    i would tell u to check both cities out, and decide then, which one u prefer.

    good Luck

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