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BSN and other issues any help gladly received.

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Hi My Name is Averil and i am from the UK, I am planning on moving to Zwolle to be with my partner who is Dutch. I been doing a lot of internet research and things are not looking very promising. There seems to be a bit of a catch 22 with the whole process. You need a BSN number you can’t get that without an address you can’t get address without a job and so on.

I really want to be with my Partner and i have been saving hard so i can support myself for at least month. I’m trying to learn Dutch because i a firm believer that when you move you should learn that country’s way of life and language.

I will be going out to visit my Partner in February and we are going to pop into the town hall and see if i can get BSN before i move and ask some other questions. I will also take my CV with me so i can pop in and give it to some job agencies.

I am looking for some helpful advice and maybe a point in the right
direction. Most of all i really want to know if i can make it, i know i am going to do everything within my power to make it work but sometimes it feels like it’s out of my reach a little.

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    Hoi Sara,

    Still want to move to Zwolle very much trying to find a job online is hard not much out there for Zwolle.

    I can only speak a little Dutch Wish i had a chance to come along sounds fun. I am still trying to get over to Zwolle to be with my bit of Dutch lol :).


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    Hi Averil,
    have you decided to move to Zwolle at the end?
    I arrived here 10 days ago, because my partner too is living here.
    Next week I'm going to the Council for the SOFI-nummer; if you need more information, I'll help you if I can!

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    Well we have decided to be sensible and wait a bit longer with my planned move to the pretty City of Zwolle.

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