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looking for musicians..

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does anibody of you know a place in The Hague/Delft/Rotterdam where musicians meet..
I am a 27 years old drummer and looking for musicians (alternative music/Rock..) as I want to form a band (just arrived in the Netherlands). Is there a place (maybe some bar, jam sessions..) where musicians meet to jam/ or just hang out?? I don`t know any bars or places in the Netherlands as I just arrived here.
(If there is any musician reading this ad who is interested in forming a band - nothing professional just let`s call it serious hobby.. with the goal of playing some local gigs, I am looking forward to hearing from you)


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  • Joanna Piasecka

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    I know some places in Leiden, close to Den Haag, but I am fairly new in den haag.
    You can try to post a message on board in the music record shops, sometimes you might see such board on the wall. I saw in Leiden in the music store.
    BTW my bf is into studio recording (at the moment hobby). He used to have a band for which he was recording, I can ask him if he knows some places. Greets

  • Bernadette H

    Yes ...there is Musicon and the Haagse Pop Centrum

    posted by  Bernadette H in South Holland forum 

    These are places where you can meet other musicans..success B

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