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Eu-citizens of Rotterdam - I want you!

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Hello my fellow Expats!

My name is Katrin and I'm conducting research for the European Commission about what life is like for work-migrants in Rotterdam. Are you satisfied with your situation here? Is the city helping you out to get things managed? Do you feel integrated and welcome? Or not so much? Tell me about it, you might make a difference! The aim of this study is it to ultimately improve the situation of migrants in the future, so use your voice!

I'm looking for people who came here for work from another member state of the European Union some time after the year 2000, doesn't matter if you're currently working or not, as long as you had a job in the past here at some point. The Interviews won't take longer than 20 minutes and can be done anywhere within the city center, I'm usually around on my bike.
Interested? Want more information? Contact me!


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