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meeting new people

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Hello everyone out there.. :)

How are you? Hoe gaat het? Como estas? Ca va? Come stai? Sorry for the people with other languages... I don't know more...
But to come to the point! I am going to study in Rotterdam and would like to get to know some nice people, from whatever country, to take a beer/coffee and just enjoy the time :D Especially spanish speakers would be nice cause i am focussing now on learning more spanish... But all people are welcome... First drink is one me! :D
Hope to hear soon from anybody...
Have good day and ciao!

  • Santai SanSan

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    Hello there,

    This coming weekend you can meet a lot of nice people during a nice event in Rotterdam, also spanish speaking people. Maybe you will meet some people there who can help you! The event is in BIRD and is called Tropicalista. Good luck!

  • Go to Camilo Perez's profile

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    Hello i am a student at Erasmus and speak Portuguese and Spanish, besides English. I am willing to learn dutch too and this would be an awesome idea. Hmu if you are still interested in this language exchange.

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