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Buying a house

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Hi, I'm looking to buy a house in The Hague and I was wondering which were the nicest areas?
Thanks :)

  • Alex Carioca

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    I've been living here for about 2 years.
    I like Laakhaven, which is behind Den Haag HS, close to shopping malls, 15 mins walk from town, with lots of supermarkets and amenities nearby.
    If you want to buy somewhere where you will have the convenience of a train station within a walking distance and all of the above mentioned, here could be an option. But the problem is: the bad reputation. So, if you care about what your apartment will be worth 5, 10 years after, then don't.
    I can say there are all kinds of people here. Some Dutch, lots of caribbean and Polish. You can clearly see the level of education of the residents (regardless of origin) by the amount of dog waste on the streets. But particularly, nothing ever happened to me here, I come and go as I please and at whatever tide of day or night. Not sure if it would makes a difference for you, being a woman.
    Hope I've helped.

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