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meeting friends in utrecht

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hi there, new to utrecht from San Francisco, California. Would like to meet people to get together for coffee, shopping, museum, lunch, dinner, etc. :)

  • Alistair Robinson

    meeting people in utrecht!

    posted by  Alistair Robinson in Utrecht forum 

    u may see from my message to laura on this forum that i am moving to utrecht and am keen to meet new people!
    u mention coffea, lunch, dinners, museums, all of which sounds great by me! drop me a line whenever u fancy! cheers, alistair

  • Monica C

    meeting friends in utrecht

    posted by  Monica C in Utrecht forum 

    Hi Chona,

    I now see that your post is from January, you maybe have a lot of friends by now !

    I'm now in a similar situation, I will move to Utrecht beggining april I think and this is exactly what I would like to do aswell : cofee, museums, cinema and ofcourse dinner or lunch.

    If you're still in search of company, let me know !

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    posted by  Laura H in Utrecht forum 

    Hello Chona,

    Hope all's good with you! Well guess what I like coffee, museums, cinema, shopping etc too and really want to meet people too!!!Judging by the responses above there are a few of us in the same boat so maybe we could all meet and 'hang out' heheheh as we all seem new to the city. Utrecht is great and there seems to be lots to do so we be good to enjoy the city with other people! Anyways I'm working 10 mins from the centre of Utrecht so if you need any advice or would like to meet sometime just drop me a line! Enjoy!!!!byeeee

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    I am new in Utrecht too.

    posted by  Luis Duran in Utrecht forum 

    Hello my name is Luis and it´s my first week in Utrecht,
    so would you mind if i join you for the next coffee?

    I am living very closed to city it not gonna be hard to get anywhere around here.

  • Esther R

    Help !!!

    posted by  Esther R in Utrecht forum 

    Hey, I am Esther, 21 years old and just arrived in Utrecht. I work till September here and then I will study Sociologie here. I feel very good here, the only point is that i don`t know many people here. And thats bad, because I love to go out dancing.

    So if you like to meet me than I would be very happy, because I am so bored here in my room. ;)

    Hugs and Kisses Esther

  • Sagz S


    posted by  Sagz S in Utrecht forum 

    Hi Guys,

    Im Sagz, moved to Utrecht from London last month on a secondment for a year.

    Anyone else in the same situation? Maybe fancy a drink or dinner?
    Feel free to give me a shout, would love to meet new people from around Utrecht.

    Thanks, Sagz.


  • Alistair Robinson


    posted by  Alistair Robinson in Utrecht forum 

    Hey Celine!
    hope you have been making friends and enjoying yourself in utrecht!
    i am not around for the next week or so but i will give you a shout next time i am out with some people in utrecht, would be nice to meet and have a drink!

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