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meeting friends in utrecht

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hi there, new to utrecht from San Francisco, California. Would like to meet people to get together for coffee, shopping, museum, lunch, dinner, etc. :)

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    posted by  C C in Utrecht forum 

    hello mary!
    If you want to do something next week, I'm free!

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    L see that all you are lloking for an new friends in utrecht, tkis city is so nice and manythings to do, maybe we all us have to meet for an nice time. late me know samething it will be nice.
    regards to all of you xxx

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    hoi hoi hoi

    posted by  alfa pilikyan in Utrecht forum 

    heiiii, thx dah nge respon. sudah aku add di ym.

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    Hi..uit Indonesie ya...ayukk aja..kamu belandanya dimana? biar enak ngobrol di YM aja ya..[...] atu ke FB aja klo ada..

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    hi wiwid, i just landed in nl few days ago. want to meet with ppl to. just let me know if u interesting. thx n c u

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    hi there,I am wiwid and I am new to utrecht. I just got here from jakarta. been here for 6 weeks now. I'd like to meet people to get together for coffee, shopping,movies, squash, lunch, dinner, etc. Thank you..

  • Blaise J

    posted by  in Utrecht forum 

    look here:

  • Francisco Cardoso

    posted by  in Utrecht forum 

    Hi Guys,

    When you will meet again?
    I would like to join and know all!

    Happy new year!!!!

  • Blaise J


    posted by  Blaise J in Utrecht forum 

    Marine, as far as I know, there is something to be arranged in 2nd half of January, probably there will be a post in here about it.

    Happy New Year people! :)

  • Marine Vaillant

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    A bit of a later response to this post, but I'd love to meet some new people! Is there another meeting sometime?

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