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meeting friends in utrecht

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hi there, new to utrecht from San Francisco, California. Would like to meet people to get together for coffee, shopping, museum, lunch, dinner, etc. :)

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    Hey everyone. My name is Gaby and this past July(09) I moved to Utrecht to live with my Dutch boyfriend. I'd love to meet people from around this area so let's set up a date and time to chat and meet up. Feel free to email me at [...]

    Thanks guys

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    Hi! I just moved to Utrecht for work at the weekend. I guess I've missed some of the meet ups. Is anyone planning anything for this week/weekend?

  • Esteban Braeken

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    Count me vote goes for Nijmegen! or if the sun is shining there's always the beach =)

  • Sagz S

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    Hey all, couple of us thinking of going to Nijmegen or Deventer tommorrow around 12ish (meet at Utrecht Centraal train station) if anyone else is interested.


  • Esteban Braeken

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    Hey! we are meeting today (thursday) at the Grift Park at around 18:15. The idea is to chill out with some drinks (so feel free to bring anything of your liking!)
    we are meeting at the little lake in front of the basketball courts. My cel is 0619167562

    See you!

  • Bettina Boschen

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    Hi Esteban - tomorrow is good - what time were you thinking?

  • Esteban Braeken

    drinks thursday

    posted by  Esteban Braeken in Utrecht forum 

    Hi everyone! i've been here for a while but keep missing all the meetings...soooo trying to do somethign about it, anyone up for a few drinks this thursday night? somewhere around neude would do.


  • Bettina Boschen

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    Hi all,
    I have started working in Utrecht recently and would love to make friends and it looks like this is the right forum ;-) It would be great to hear from you if you're up for coffee / drinks etc. I work in the city so its easy for me to meet - if anyone is up for it or if there is a group meeting soon let me know! Thanks, Bettina

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    hey hey

    posted by  Laura H in Utrecht forum 

    hey vicky great to hear from u, welcome,its a great city!!!and i see your a fellow brit!!!!yes woudl eb great to meet maybe sunday or next week sometime if you're about im working 9-5 but free in the evenings. sometimes theres a few of us that meet up so i could try get some ppl together.let em know whens good 4u!!!enjoy ur wknd !!!

  • vince kelly

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    just a quick simple question..... any golfers out there??


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