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meeting friends in utrecht

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hi there, new to utrecht from San Francisco, California. Would like to meet people to get together for coffee, shopping, museum, lunch, dinner, etc. :)

  • Sagz S

    Meeting on Saturday

    posted by  Sagz S in Utrecht forum 

    Hey all,

    Couple of us planning to go to Rotterdam on Saturday (theres a Brazilian carnival sort of thing going on), feel free to join us if anyones free.
    Plan to leave about 12pm from Utrecht station.

  • Nicole Pfleger

    posted by  in Utrecht forum 

    Hi Laura,

    I just realised that I didn't read the latest entry of this forum ( I just moved 2 weeks ago and saw this forum today for the first time) when I replied to Monicas message.

    But happy birthday (belated..)! I hope you had a good day and maybe we will meet some day,bye...

  • Nicole Pfleger

    meeting people

    posted by  Nicole Pfleger in Utrecht forum 

    Hi Monica,

    I moved to Utrecht just 2 weeks ago and am looking forword to meeting nice people to talk to, laugh with, go cycling and to go out or maybe to make a trip to the sea... If you are still in search of company , please tell me,


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    meeting on wednesday

    posted by  Laura H in Utrecht forum 

    hey all so i see there are some newbies and as its my bday on wed what better way to arrange a little meeting???just tryna get some ppl together for a few drinks-quite chilled in the centre of utrecht say at the jolly cafe at the wed 8pm-anyone fancy it???would be good if we cud all meet byeeeee

  • Francisco Cardoso

    posted by  in Utrecht forum 


    Why not? :-P I'm into it!
    Just let us know here exactly we meet?


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    posted by  in Utrecht forum 

    hey all me and sagz are thinking of arranging a meet up for this tues??maybe we could meet 7/8pm in centre of utrecht and go for drinks???anyone up for it???let me know whats best ,hopefully whether should be nice!!!byeeee

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    posted by  in Utrecht forum 

    hi francisco sorry i think u missed us for the antwerp trip-its a great city and i really recommend it ,very grandiose buildings and a great buzz about it.
    Well people we will try and arrange another meet up, will probably be the week after next as this weeks quite busy and that will give us all a chance to finally meet and explore utrecht!!!!i hope you all can make it and i'll let u know what we decide.will probably be during the week after work sometime.
    take care and enjoy the sun,L

  • Francisco Cardoso

    Meeting next time

    posted by  Francisco Cardoso in Utrecht forum 

    Hi all,

    I'm living near Utrecht but I go there allot. Please let me know when you guy meet again so I can join.


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    Moving to Utrecht

    posted by  Therese B in Utrecht forum 

    I'm moving to the netherlands to start a job in Wageningen on 1st August and was planning to live in Utrecht. Can anyone recommend good apartment rental agencies? What should I expect to pay for a nice furnished one bed apartment in a central location?


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    posted by  in Utrecht forum 

    hey All,

    hope alls good with you!!!
    just a note to say that me and sagar were thinking of going to antwerp for the day next weekend (probably saturday) if u fancy it???we would probably get the train from the station earliesh around 10 am and spend a day there looking takes 2 hours to get there, just one change at rottterdam and costs around 30-40 euro.

    so if anyone is up for it let us know; its supposed to be a great city!!!!
    take care byeeeeee

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