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Do you need help to come to NZ?

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Perhaps I can help. Just let me know what you need. I am a NZ citizen, located in Auckland, NZ.

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    hello madam.
    my name is thilina and um 23years old from srilanka . um a student and i tried to have a student visa to new zealand but its so difficult because i needed around 6 million for that but i don't have enough money for that. um the elder son in my family so i have very big responsibility with that, my father is a government officer and he also need to put me higher. so i think you have a kind heart thats why you have put some post like this i never seen a post like this. i mean someone is really need to help someone like this. i really appreciate that and um so proud of you madam. i have the money for my expenses in new zealand only i need a nice person to take some help to take my visa. i mean a sponsor. if you like to guide me as mother or as a elder i would like to obey to you as well. i need to make my future in new zealand. and i like if i have someone like my parent in there to guide me and to love me. because um so emotional and sensitive guy actually my mom made my bed tea also i love to take that from my mom. i will tell you more about me madam, i hope you will like to know me and maybe you will help me to come true my dreams by showing mercy . i will leave you my contacts maybe you may need that. my number is 0094757660241 and email address is [...] skype name is pachchasira3 thank you madam. have a good day for you... god bless you..~

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    Dear Karen!
    Today I wake up and have decided go to NZ forever?Why?Because since Mozambique 1976 that I dream living in NZ.I believe that I have skills for getting any position, like driving, waiter or friend!
    Right now I am working in Luanda but I need a place quite and beauty!
    Send me a response.

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    Really ma'am? You can help?

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    I am an engineering graduate and currently working as a technical writer for 9 years. I really wanted to work and live in New Zealand. Kindly help me out. My email id is [...]

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    Hi Karen I am a Young Budding Lawyer from India trying to get a legal Job in Your country New Zealand. I have just started applying for these jobs however i know the road to get there is though not an impossible one but neither is an easy one . Its great to hear that someone like you who is local is eager to help those who want to migrate New Zealand . I am really looking forward for your help and invaluable guidance to move to Newzealand .

    Thanking You , Looking forward for your early reply
    Email id : [...]

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    I found your thread very interesting and it sounds great and it gives us pleasure too.

    I am from India. I am planning to come to Newzealand next year. Could you please help out in findering job for my profile and other necessary things which are required.


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    I am ajay, persuing ENGG.(B.TECH) final year apart from working to support my family. I want to do higher im frm poor family.can anybody help in this regard..

  • Hisham Ajus

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    My name is Hisham Ajus fron Malaysia. I am looking for an opportunity to work in NZ. But i've been informed that it is quite difficult to apply for the work permit if there's no sponsor or recommendation from the company to work with. There for i would like to seek your direction on handling the situation. Kindly help, thank you.

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    Hello Karen,

    I am Vietnamese, my name is Au. I am trying to find a job in your country. Sure, you can help me so much. Firstly, I need to get a job in farm, coffee shop,fast food restaurant, bar...(I graduated Cocktail class from Vietnam-Australia college and graduated Business Administration from University in Vietnam with major in Tourism and Hospitality). Secondly, I need an accommodation.
    So, plz help me to let me know any information about them with your convenience. I am extremely grateful. Thank you so much, Karen.
    Tran Thi Hoang Au,
    Phone: +841699991789
    Email: [...]
    Ps: I have a plan to come here in June. So, can I have any way to contact with you?

    Best regards,

  • Alex cole

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    ma'am , i rely need to relocate to NZ and start a new life
    how do i go about it

    here is my Email ; [...]

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