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hi, i am from India & want t o travel Australia & New Zealand in winters.... i was searching on internet for information & found two very promising sites - & ..... I have found many options to stay , to roam & to enjoy in both countries but still want to know more about culture, weather, customs so that i cant miss much on my trip... can any body help me to plan better for winters..... Regards !

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    Well winter in NZ compared to India is really cold... but can range considerably depending on where u move to.... so rather than plan for winter with what u bring I would suggest u be prepared the purchase what u need depending on the area u move to... but expect anywhere in NZ to have pants and a jacket (wind and rain)... the colder parts u will need more.
    OZ is similar in the south but as u head north of Brisbane the winter is mild and during the day shorts and shirt are fine...
    Customs... both are friendly esp if ur open and friendly... AND the more kiwi / ozie u allow yourself to be.. the easier u will fit right in :)
    hope that helps

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