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what is the easiest option to immigrate to NZ as HSE specialist , i will be waiting for any help from our forum frieds

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    Good Day Sarah Liang, do you have an email address so i can communicate with you please?

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    Need more information about your services

    posted by  Sofiane OHA in New Zealand forum 

    Please, can you give me more details about your service on area skilled worker to move to NZ
    Best regards,

  • destiny opoku

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    I am young Ghanaian live and work in Dubai and I am interested to move to New Zealand.

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    Hello , let me your phone celluler

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    For those interested in going through the process, the first step is to inform yourselves about the requirements.
    First, take some time to read here -
    Then after reading, go here to know the requirements -

    Here are some of our success stories :

    Hope I helped you or anyone here interested in immigrating to New Zealand.

  • destiny opoku

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    I am qualify train aluminum and glass fabrication and installation worker with experience in Dubai,
    I am also qualify train occupational health and safety officer and I'm currently working with the construction company in Dubai.
    Please help me find a job there.

  • Sarah Liang

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    Hi, the easiest way is to find a job and then apply for resident based on your job offer :) My company specialises in helping people from overseas to search for jobs and offers advice on visa applications.

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