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    Hello-from Cebu Philippines

    posted by  Walter Watin in New Zealand forum 

    My name is Walter, 32, Im new here. I Never planned to migrate/work into other countries, I have several invitation in US, andCanada before, but I refused, a friend of mined refer me to a logistics company in singapore w/ a huge paycheck, but I declined since I just want to stay in my country.

    the husband of my Aunt (who is a local NZ/ Kiwi guy from Otorahanga) introduce me new Zealand during there vacation here in Cebu. It sounds interesting so I did my research, now I want to relocate in New Zealand, I will have my immigration seminar by weekend, hoping I can find a job there in New Zealand.

    I am affiliated in an International freight Forwarding/transport company, handling and overseeing central and southern part of the country (overseeing overall operation, sales, finance, admin). Ive been in this industry for 10 years. I am also open in other jobs

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