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Hi I am Malaysian currently looking for job in New Zealand as I'm so keen to settle down in this beautiful country, for this moment I'm still attached with ministry of home affair Malaysia as an assistant director doing finance but I'm prepare to do any scope of job there in New Zealand. I have master of science in philosophy of management and believe Im fast learner, customer oriented, meticulous, involving, innovative, team oriented, hard worker, critical thinker, and target achiever. I'm seriously looking for job offer or someone who could sponsor me job there in New Zealand, if there is any availability please contact me as I will email my resume. Hope I will get a chance to show my strength and prove my talents to the employers of New Zealand.


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    Hey Seri Devi!
    Hope you are doing fine. I appreciate your desire to be in this country and welcome you for the same. New Zealand is a beautiful country. Of course there's a lot that you'd be able to see and learn here, and develop as a person.
    One thing that I'd like to mention about the jobs is that you'd need to have that USP (Unique Selling Point) in you before you get into an interview.

    So please get some SWOT analysis done and get to know your strengths and weaknesses. This is really important as you really want to be able to answer the questions that are asked by these employers.

    Then, there is the resume and your cv. You need to be very precise and up to the mark with the way you present yourself in your cv/ resume. Grammatical errors, spelling errors, improper formatting - all these stuff are a strict no.
    Try and make it look like a professional document and keep it to the standards that have been set by the company.
    If you need help check out this site:
    They be able to help you with your cv.
    Hope you enjoy your stay here and get into a really nice job.! All the best.

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