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Planning a trip to New Zealand, need some advice

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Hi, there!

I came up with the idea of doing a backpacker trip to NZ, maybe in february 2017. I would have 32 days, and I thought about flying from Hamburg (nearest airport to my home) to Queenstown, then travel by bus (Intercity-Bus, using a Flexipass with 60 hours), and stay in hostels. I would stay for 2 nights at every place, except in Picton.

This is my plan, so far:

- Queenstown
- Te Anau, Fjordland
- Wanaka, Lake Wanaka
- Greymouth, Westcoast
- Nelson
- Picton
- Wellington
- Whanganui
- New Plymouth, Taranaki
- Taupo
- Gisborne, Eastland
- Tauranga, Bay of plenty
- Whitianga, Coromandel
- Whangarai, Northland
- Auckland

I would take the flight from Auckland to Hamburg, then.

I also would love to do some sports, while on my trip, depending on what is offered at the different locations. But I will travel on a tight budget.

What do you think, does my plan make any sense? Do you have any ideas, on what to change, how to save some money? Are there places, you recommend going to? Things one must see, while visiting NZ?

Thanks in advance!

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    i reccomend auckland

  • Deb H

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    Yes I'd also recommend skipping Wanganui, Gisborne & New Plymouth.
    Waitomo is worth it!
    And Queenstown would be off season at the mo, not much to do.
    Hawkes Bay has a bit of activity with ocean spa, splash planet, te mata peak & beaches, Tauranga is nice too.
    Rotorua & Taupo have some lake activity, thermal pools, bushwalks, bit touristy.
    Wellington & napier is guaranteed a fun night out!

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    Good until wellington.... go..... wellington, Napier, Taupo , (New Plymouth if u really wana see mt taranaki (last samarai) but long drive... id skip it.... ((while in taupo visit central plateau... CAN"T MISS IT.... give 3 nights soooo much to see and do))... Rotorua (MUST SEE 2 nights min), Waitomo (U WANA SEE... 1 night or do the caves as a day trip and move on)
    Id skip whitianga and whangarai.... from Waitomo Auckland.... and then just head north.... anywhere in the bay of Islands (north of Whangarai) is amazing and rich in history and culture and stuff to do and explore...
    Whanganui (which is the river not the town Wanganui, whitianga and whangarai and gisborne aren't special... just medium size towns servicing a rural community... nice to visit if u have months,.. nothing exciting when u have days esp compared to those ive mentioned... hope it helps :)

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