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Renting a house for 10 weeks in Masterton

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Hi all!

My name is Lunar and I'm a student living in the Netherlands. In mid-february I'm going on an internship to New-Zealand. The location of my internship is located in Masterton and I'm having trouble finding a suitable house for me and my two classmates who come with me.

We would like a furnished 3-bedroom house with a bathroom and kitchen. Just something basic not too big or expensive. Someone who helps with the arrangement of our internship came up with a motel which costs 600 dollars per person a month. So for us three 1800 dollar a month for a motel where you have to share the kitchen, bathroom and sitting area with other people. We would like to have our own place instead of sharing with others.

We saw many houses for rent in the range of 200-350 dollars a week, but they are all unfurnished. I first want to know if it's possible to rent a furnished house/appartment for a maximum amount of 350 dollars a week in that area.

Or is an unfurnished house maybe a better solution? We are going to buy everything second hand if that's the case. I see a house for 240 dollars a week, but besides the letting fee and bond is there anything else you pay for? Like water, electricity and gas?

I'm very thankfull for any replies on my questions!

Kind regards,


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    Have you considered house sitting ? for example, The dates might not be perfect but you will surely get free accommodation for at least part of the time.

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