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Spouse Visa re-application after rejection on the first time

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Hello and good day every one,

I have been admitted to Massey University in New Zealand for a PhD program. I applied for my visa
and few days later I applied for visitor visa for my wife (as spouse visa).
Note that it was a partnership-based visa application in which I was the prime partner for my Spouse visa.

Unfortunately Immigration New Zealand rejected my wife's visa. Following were the reasons they gave

1. Lack of evidence of long-term relationship.
2. Lack of evidence of stable relationship.

However I have a strong feeling that since I myself had not received my visa, why would
they give it to my wife???

Now My questions are that what if I re-apply...
1. Are my chances already low due to first rejection? How can I make them strong?
2. After what time should I re-apply (we are not in 7th month of our marriage). We do not want to wait for 1 year!
3. We cannot afford any consultant/agent since their fees are beyond our limits.

Please note the following points relevant to the previous application for my wife.

1. Our marriage was only in our third month then.
2. I had ONLY applied for my VISA and was waiting for it. (Now I have received my VISA and will fly to NZ in Feb end)
3. Though we used to talk over Facebook before marriage, but since we did not feel it necessary, we did not
provide evidence.

We expect your sincere advice since we are looking to re-apply for my wife visa soon !
Any further suggestion will be highly appreciated.

Waiting for reply eagerly,

Thank you

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